Sorpresas inesperadas que confirman “my Why in private practice”

Les cuento que hoy ha sido un día difícil pero una linda sorpresa me llenó de alegría.

En mi “to do list” tenía pendiente hacer unas actualizaciones de mi información como mental health provider. En el proceso de verificar mis credenciales de licencia me encontré con este review online.


Sorpresas inesperadas que reafirman mi #why 💚 Y este review anónimo desde @healthgrades que me hizo el día.


#thankyousomuch #muchasgracias

Muchas gracias a mis profesores y en especial mi profesor y supervisor de internado Jose Reyes . Decir excelencia en todo se queda corto, me enseñó la teoría y me modeló en la práctica como un verdadero profesional comprometido y de vocación debe ser.

Muchas gracias a mi supervisora de licencia Suzan Thompson quien me enseñó la belleza de wabisabi y el tapping. Quien también me enseñó y modeló como conducir la práctica privada con integridad, un alto sentido de ética, compromiso, y dedicación.

🇺🇸 Today has been a difficult day but a nice surprise filled me with joy.

I had to do some routine updates on my information as a mental health provider. In the process of verifying my license credentials I came across this comment online.


Unexpected surprises that reaffirm my #why 💚 this anonymous review from @healthgrades made my day.


#thanksmany #thankfull

Many thanks to my professor and internship supervisor Jose Reyes. Excellence in everything is not enough to describe all that he taught me in theory and modeled in practice as a truly committed professional with a vocation it should be.

Many thanks to my license supervisor Suzan Thompson who taught me the beauty of wabisabi and tapping. Who also taught and modeled me how to conduct private practice with integrity, a high sense of ethics, commitment, and dedication.

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I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce myself as a Bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia. I have experience working with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Trauma, Self-esteem, Relational Conflict, among other issues. I work with all ages across the life span. Over 12 years of experience in social work and health field, and over 5 years working with multicultural communities in Hampton Roads.

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